Thursday, April 30, 2009

bento ^^

The bento i prepared for dear's lunch~~ is it?
ok ok nia lo...
nt so nice or ....

tis is my bento~
look better than ah dear's bento rite?
me bian xin~

tis 1 bring to college share wif classmates d~~

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i cnt online already~~~

A bad news for me ~
last nite when i still playing msn n facebook~
the line suddenly cut by telecom~
my mum come to tell me tat she didnt pay the streamyx bill~
haiz....cnt online ki~
sian lo~ whole day dnt knw do wat~
feel like isolated by the world~ hahaha~
so....i tink if i really cnt stand without online i will go ah dear house~
however, my mum will pay by 2day lo~
hope i cn online for 2moro again~
stay turned ya~
muakz everyone~

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The dessert i like the most is.......

Sunny Hill at 3rd mile ~
paiseh.....look too far away rite?

staff~ lolz....

Ice cream from Sunny Hill~

Sunday, April 26, 2009

SCR, Jln Song, kuching

This is my mushroom mee
look like kolo mee ho?
however, still ok for me ^^
its cost Rm4.00

steam chicken~
which is ordered by ah jie~

ah jie's rice~

my dearest brother~(adik angkat lar)
juz graduated from labuan...lolz...
so fast ho? me nt yt graduate diploma kok~

look so nice rite?
oh ya~~i noticed inside the cili sauce got hair ar~
omg~~HAIR ar~~0.O
tis is my 1st time go thr, i tink oso last time liao~

i nt really like tis kind of drinks~ nt gud for health~
juz got red colour and taste sweet nia ~
=='' i tot is ribenna..TT
hmm....yesterday, i met him when he finished his muet~
nobody can pick him, so i say i go find him lo~~
he had called everyone of our gangs...
but they were busy lo~
so we decided to hv a lunch den juz go home le~
bcos i still hv many ting to do~~
p/s: im so busy and damn tired recently? doin wat?
hmm...assignment lo..hang out wif dear lo~
fetch bro n sis go tuition lo~

Saturday, April 25, 2009



變化多端,令人難以預料。如:仲夏天氣變幻無常,誰都難以捉摸。明˙蔡羽˙遼 陽海神傳:氣候悉如江南二三月,琪花寶樹,仙音法曲,變幻無常,耳目應接不暇。

部落格成分: 獨善其身 - 2.60% 眼花繚亂 - 23.34% 變幻無常 - 46.30% 輕裘肥馬 - 27.75%


Thursday, April 23, 2009

see what i purchase from

Flower & Bear rice mould~
price: RM8
but look like very small~~

car n fish egg mould~~
Capacity : approx 24ml each
cute or nt??
these make me bankrupt liao~
no more money alrdy~~
wait the thing come i wan do Bento lo....
for myself only~

Causeway Bay Hong Kong Restaurant

Tom yam mee hon soup~
taste sweet and spicy oo~
hmm....nt suitable for me~

funny sound made by him~
isaac acting cute again~

hmm....tis 1 ordered by Ah dear~
dnt knw wat name is tis alrdy~
but taste very nice~

Teh tarik is my choice~
nice oso~ RM 2.8/RM3 only~

ordered by Hocan~
its cost RM3 for 2 bao ~
so big ar~~

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

kado cafe at kuching

vege & chicken salad~
the taste is still ok for me lo~
the sauce is in purple colour de oo~

watermelon & honeydew juice~

sweet potato~
oh yeah~ tis is nice~
RM8(if i no wrong)

My 1st bento for dear ^^ is it?
i still nt satisfy lo~
still hv a lot alot of improvement~
hope i cn do it better for the nex time~
hehe~ i hv ordered bento stuff from
so excited~~
juz wait the products arrive~~~

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another unlucky day

can u see it?
see carefully~~

nah! haiz~~
long tiok wat? a very noob, stupid thing~~
at some1 house again ==
what to say?
im sorry mummy~~
let u worry again~
let u waste those money again~
i knw u very worry abt aunty~
im so sorry~~
nex time i help u cook, help u keep clothes lor~~
dnt knw when can go repair my side mirror?

Another bad news

Legal studies, Assignment 1 (3 persons per group)
some1 was made a complaint to our lecturer??
who is tat? i dnt knw~
but its doesnt matter to me lar~
i dnt care who is tat lor~
i only i going to finish my assignment 1?
bcos thr is no more grouping work~
Lecturer had been changed to individual work for whole class!
how abt assignment 2? who will be wif me...?
hv to decide by lecturer lo~
die die die~
(dnt gossip abt tis post)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ah tung's19 yrs old birthday

Today is ah tung 19 yrs old birthday~
1 and 1/2 kg ice cream cake~~
damn nice ooo~~

Ah tung cutting the cake~
used 2 knife to cut~
1st knife break jor~
damn funny~
bcos too hard to cut is still very cold...(ice cream cake)
2nd knife more bigger den 1st 1 , can cut cake for us le
yummy yummy~~

sio kei~
ah hee go kenyalang buy de~~
so nice n juicy~~

tis is wat i prepared ~~

french fries~~
i fried de ooo~

Fiona wake up early and make it for the party~~
hmm...i knw ah tung since im form 3~
after tat, same class wif him in form 4 until form 5~
he is our class's 开心果~
always make every1 laugh till 'peng' or 'stomach pain'
he likes to sing~ he can sing well too~
he has nice voice ^^
he is still studying now~
so...i hope him can get gud result
keep in touch ya ^^

Saturday, April 18, 2009

unlucky day

Today around 11.30
when i washing dishes
i accidentally break a bowl~
well, i dnt knw how i break it...
bcos i didnt not touched it leh....
how come it will drop on the floor itself?
my sis didnt put it properly?
hmm....what is tis means?
something is going to be happened ma???

afternoon, my sis received my mum call~
ask me bring my bro go tuition
if she still nt yt go home~
she says she stay at police station n make a report now~
what happened ? i asked my sis after she put down the phone...

my sis : mummy accident.....
me : huh? den she got injury or not?
my sis : no lar...
me: how abt the car? and tat person's car?
my sis : hmm...mummy say tat person's car very serious, mummy de car still ok...
me: oh...ok. later when she back i juz ask her more detail...

after 1 hr mum still nt yt reach home
i call my mum

me : mi, whr r u nw? y so late nt yt go home?
my mum: going home now, juz nw make a report...
me: oh...ok lo....byebye~

after she backs i juz ask her y like tis lo....
she say she so careless
step wrong break bcum accelerate~
really soi lo~

today is my grandfather's birthday~
unfortunately he drop into small drain~
haiz....his knee bleed le....
luckily still can walk...
he still can laugh loudly ...sweat~
wish ah gong happy birthday
mummy can more concentrate when doing someting~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lets see what he bought for me

This all the thing tat Ah dear buy for me ^^
me so lanc ==

show what i like the most now~
chocolate ar....a lot of sweets & chocolate ar~~

Strawberry chocolate
Strawberry cookie

Jelly mould~~

i say i wan bento accessory to him~
but he cnt find at KL~
only got tis~
nvm lar...i oso like it~

oh~ tis 1~
which is i love the most~
hp bag bag ar~~
cute ho?
luckily my hp still can use it ar...
if nt i sad liao~~
love u dear~

tell u oo....tis burger can let me eat 1 day~
bcos too big liao....==''
double beef burger
Rm17.90 wif french fries....(so exp)

out look of Burger King~honestly, i prefer Mcd~
hmm......He went alot of places tis time~
Ipoh~cameron highland~KL~
and he went to see nose specialist doctor too~
unfortunately, the doctor says he need take the operation for his nose~
y leh? bcos his nose got meat stuck 1 side of the nose~
always make him feel itchy~
and feel very uncomfortable~
pity dear hv to suffer like tis since young until now~
eat medicine everyday~
bside tat, the operation fee is so exp~ 6k ar~~0.o
he still tinking wan to take operation or nt ~
i tink he must take lo~~
i will go hospital pei him de ^^
bcos he is the 1 who sayang me the most in the world.....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


how is it?
so cool rite?
maybe somebody is already know tis~~
but if u still dnt knw~
i give the link here~~