Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Isit me got car so i nid fetch all my friends when hanging out? but some of them got car licence alrdy. see them say wan pick me out. i still nt independent, i still nid get pocket money from my parent. why always ask me out when no transport? when i say i no reply me alrdy. i ask again....she reply me "no liao" ,'nvm' , or 'ntg'. and i reply her again.....she no reply me anymore... hmm...mayb they found another driver tat willing to pick them alrdy?? so rude leh....u dnt tink tat is hurt? if u can b polite to me i tink i will do. tot im so rich meh? haiz....i tink they is used to it as im their driver. always pick them go gai gai. BUT, Im force to do tat lo...cos they are my friends mah. NVM d...juz b polite ok le....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Castle-Upon Rock (at BDC)

Graduate students taking pic..

birthday gal wif her classmate n teacher....singing birthday song..

haha...parents blow the balloon...see whether whose balloon bigger....den win liao..

=='' parents ply tis game abit childish leh...luckily the parents are willing to join ...wahaha

*dancing* the children dancing wif mum and dad...yee ~~~ tat gal so cute...

*acting* 3 bears wif ......(dnt knw) paiseh....

wa....Bunny cute....i wan hug hug~~

this boy named ah bong...he is telling what is next show....

*audience* many butterfly....*dancing*
lolz...Bunny is dress up the a boy lai de.....

*queue* get ready to go out hv a show le.....dnt panic ya..^^

the stage ^^
One nite, my last time tuition teacher called me and ask me to help her there. hmm....its in early morning 7am, i go to pick Hui Fui who oso asked from teacher for help. when we reached thr, its alrdy 7.30am. i get into thr....haha...start to help them. err.....decorate the environment, help the children make up, rehearsal and carry the food, drinks, plate and so on lo. After they finished the food, we help them clean the table wash the plate. wa....really do a lot of things. But i enjoyed very much bcos a lot of children around wif me. They looked so cute n funny. haha~~ its a nice day for me ^^

Mao mAo give birth baby again~~~

these is Mao mao babies....born on 11/12/08 at 2am.

unfortunately, the babies is dead. haiz...sad lo~~ no hamster baby le.....TT

Yu lin ' birthday party

Khai Shing & Heidi~~

see tis Isaac doing wat thr....? finding food to eat? helping us to BBQ?

wow.....who do tis? no nid guess le....of cos is me la ai bin ==

wow...nice ooo....Jun's mum help us to make BBQ sauce n bel helps us to clean the chicken wings~ thx ya...^^

tada, tis is birthday gal on tat nite. Yu lin, making a wishes.....hmm...wat she wish ne? fast fast get a bf? hahaha......

yu lin cut cake ...luckily, she didnt kena any ising on tat nite....haha....bcos the cake is too nice liao....yummy..i love it. thx bel to buy tis cake from TAKA. Sorry about the pic tat nt clear, bcos my hp camera lauya d the pic nt so clear lo...hope u dnt mind ^^

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


yeah~~~finish final exam liao lo~~~ wow, so fast finish 1st yr in QS course. Last time, i still worried about the test, assignment n presentation. Now, i done it. start to enjoy my holidays le....i wait till day so long liao....huhuhu~~ i wish every1 hv a nice holidays ya....^^

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Bolt & Penny

cute hamster,Rhion.
the cat, Mittens. she is female and always like to bully small animals.

They are actor in this movie. Bolt tot tat he got power and always wan protect Penny, when she got action. But, this is fake, just acting only..

cute hamster, Rhion. he is so cute. i love him so much~~ fat fat d~~ he is an admirer of Bolt. he always believe tat Bolt have power.

The above pic is Bolt, Mittens & Rhion is going back to find Penny.

i went to watch movie wif my dear (haha) == ok anyway, i feel very happy n enjoyed. A comedy ,amimation, family and fantasy movie. somemore, 3D animation did by Disney. Even the hair of the dog oso can see clearly oo....hehe. Everyone must go to watch it...^^ i give 4 star out of 5 star!

my hamster pregnant again

Mao mao pregnant le.....dnt knw me shud happy or sad. Happy? because got new member going to born....sad? because of i am worried tat mao mao cnt effort to take care her child like 1st time. haiz....kolian ar....2day i start separate them. Mao mao stay inside cage n pipi stay inside a big box.
maybe nex week we can see hamster baby le....hehe. tats all for 2day. Good luck for those taking their exam ya....^^

Friday, December 5, 2008

Land surveying presentation

Miss sharon asking question....
p/s, why so long de....luckily im the 1st group. hehe blerk ^^

seng seng presenting.....he is super Pro in Ls. haha....

thats all for the Ls presentation. dnt hv take so much pic.....^^