Friday, February 27, 2009







Today is 大伯公 birthday. lolz same as xin yen. i very tired alrdy...lazy to say so much le..i show the blur pic...cos im noob mah...cnt take nice pic lor...TT anyways, i wan go to slp liao..nitez~

Xin yen 20 yrs old birthday ~~



Sunday, February 22, 2009


I start sick yesterday. whole day stomach nt feeling well. bsides tat, my stomach cant digest wat i eat...TT stomach look bigger again....i cnt stand the feeling wif the big stomach. i decided go vomit and let the food out~~ TT at nite, i vomit again b4 slp....aih......i go to kitchen take 2 panadol den slp .....nw nt pain alrdy.....^^

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cute hamster and Jokes

wow....tis hamster is so super fat .....luckily my pipi din fatter than him~~ lolz

nah...tis 1 body almost same like my pipi...juz my pipi dnt wan exercise ....nt so strong than him...lolz....


1)主席 - 主要工作是休息
总裁 - 总是害人无辜被裁
老板 - 老在公司看天花板
经理 - 经常走动找人修理
主管 - 主要任务尽量少管
员工 - 原来只有我在做工




5)我在侨校教中文,学生中有不少正戴着牙箍接受牙齿矫正。有一次,我问道: “父母亲现在
么?”学生们异口 同声:“以牙还牙!”

Funny? if yes drop msg for me ya.....^^

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

valentine's present

****short post******

the pretty box....
necklace....wif a very tiny diamond, which is made by human nt natura de....its cost exp oso...
anyway, wat he give to me i oso like d...hehe...thx dear u =p

My hamster babies alrdy 1month

the left side is pipi(father) and 2 of them is pipi daughter n son lo....cute ma?

she is bubu~ the only one is brown in colour. i love her very much. she is a super model. when i take up my hp take pic wif her. she sure give me a very gud pose...lolz...muakz~~

bubu again...haha..she is hiding inside the house....

tis is bubu when she is young.

drinking sad the mother was lost at last week. haiz...miss mao mao so much TT

baby grow up le.....tis pic took by Hocan skill is different lolz...
Now, i still hv 6 hamsters. 5 babies and 1 hamster daddy, its was very sad tat my hamster mother was run away from my room or even my house. she is lost at last week, i shudnt put her in a box. haiz...its make me so sad n always miss her everynite. i still think tat she will come bac in some day? TT juz forget abt it...and protect the babies hamster most important. Next week, i will give away 2 hamster babies to Julie. she is my friend. i hope she can take gud care of my bao last, i wan to say I MISS U MAO MAO......

Monday, February 16, 2009

2009 Valentine's Day

his foot is inside the sand alrdy....tis means tat he is heavy weight~ lolz...


wa....wat is tat? i dnt knw how to say....

hehe ^^

dear is too hot, he find a big stone to block the sunlight...haha~~
p/s he get sunburn when he go home lolz....

its a bit dangerous to go up thr~~


lolz~ he is trying to climb the giant stone~~ i oso got climb up thr oo....~~


cool man....i like tis pic ^^

Tis is me. i took the pic myself...see my backgound, tat is Damai puri~~ haha~~

The swimming pool at Damai Puri~ nice rite?

i found tis fan at damai puri oso~ so cute~ dnt knw its gud to be used or nt leh? again~ so hot ar....sit down take pic 1st~ hehe~

wa...nice rite? there is another side of damai puri~ normally tis 1 is for children. but i still saw some adults there~ hmm...still hv a lot of nice environment i didn take TT....nvm la....lets see wat i do for valentine's day. me n my bf went to permai at 9 am, only half an hour we reached thr. so fast rite? haha....=='' so we walked around, take pic, ply water(sea water) ,rest and eat. After that, we went home at 2pm. we went to cineplex at 3pm cos we nid to buy the movie tickets for 8.30pm movie. Then, we went home for rest lo....when 7pm we out again to hv dinner at FISH MARKET at spring. After tat, we went to watch movie den go home le lo..thx dear bring me go thr...i love u.hehe..wan to knw wat i him or wat he give me? The valentine's present i will post at nex time ya....hehe

china show at KUCHING

guess how many gals on a bic? geng....^^

they are try to stand up ........

so pro ~~~

pretty gals from china~

they only used hand holidng the red

wa....the boy hug the romantic.....

standing on the chair....

the boy is wan to support the chair tat he throw down~~

hat show...lolz...

A team from china came to Kuching to show their 才艺表演。 my friend give me n jun ticket, the show is held at stadium MBKS. (near bintawa)
* u can see what they show from the pic above ^^

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

On the day that Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans, elderly Daisy Williams nee Fuller is on her deathbed in a New Orleans hospital. At her side is her adult daughter, Caroline. Daisy asks Caroline to read to her aloud the diary of Daisy's lifelong friend, Benjamin Button. Benjamin's diary recounts his entire extraordinary life, the primary unusual aspect of which was his aging backwards, being born an old man who was diagnosed with several aged diseases at birth and thus given little chance of survival, but who does survive and gets younger with time. Abandoned by his biological father, Thomas Button, after Benjamin's biological mother died in childbirth, Benjamin was raised by Queenie, a black woman and caregiver at a seniors home. Daisy's grandmother was a resident at that home, which is where she first met Benjamin. Although separated through the years, Daisy and Benjamin remain in contact throughout their lives, reconnecting in their forties when in age they finally match up. Some of the revelations in Benjamin's diary are difficult for Caroline to read, especially as it relates to the time past this reconnection between Benjamin and Daisy, when Daisy gets older and Benjamin grows younger into his childhood years.

p/s i like tis movie, it is fantasty, mystery and romance. Benjamin is born wif old or week body. all parts of his body look like 90 yrs old ppl. although he juz a baby. The time passed, he is grow young. at last he bcome a children den baby and die.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Matters

Hey~ everybody! Jack neo's new movie is coming soon~~ only at riverside cineplex on 26 feb 2009. hmm...why Star cineplex dnt hv leh? i oso dnt knw y la...let u see the pictures and short video...^^

haha~~ tis is very stupid rite....^^ haha~~

its suppose to b a nice movie, i wan go to watch liao....yeah!!



情人节,又叫圣瓦伦丁节圣华伦泰节(St. Valentine's Day),即每年的2月14日,是西方的传统节日之一。男女在这一天互送巧克力贺卡,用以表达爱意或友好。




公元3世纪,罗马帝国皇帝克劳迪乌斯二世首都罗马宣布废弃所有的婚姻承诺,当时是出于战争的考虑,使更多无所牵挂的男人可以走上争战的疆场。一名叫瓦仑廷(Sanctus Valentinus)的神父没有遵照这个旨意而继续为相爱的年轻人举行教堂婚礼。事情被告发后,瓦仑廷神父先是被鞭打,然后被石头掷打,最后在公元270年2月14日这天被送上了绞架绞死。14世纪以后,人们就开始纪念这个日子。现在,中文译为“情人节”的这个日子,在西方国家里就被称为Valentine's Day,用以纪念那位为情人做主而牺牲的神父。


在这个神父在监狱里时,据说他送出了第一个“情人节”祝福。据说他爱上了曾来监狱看望他,狱长失明的女儿亚斯得莉斯,并奇迹地治好了她的眼 睛,使之重见光明。在他临刑前,给女孩一封信,署名“from your Valentine”(这个表达现在还在使用)。尽管这些传说不真切,但是却表达了他的富有同情心、英雄气概、以及最重要的浪漫主义的人格。


来源于古罗马牧神节(Lupercalia Festival)


牧神节,是为了庆祝罗马的农神Faunus 和罗马的奠基人Romulus和Remus。这个节日开始时,Luperci的成员(也就是罗马祭司的一种)会聚集在一个神圣的山洞里。这个山洞被认为是还是婴儿的Romulus和Remus待过的地方。在这个洞里,他们由一头母,lupa,照料。祭司们会牺牲一头,为了生殖;一只,为了纯洁。


教皇在大约公元498年宣布2月14日是情人节。罗马人的这种婚配方式被基督教徒认为是不合法的。中世纪时,在英国法国,通常认为2月14日是鸟交配的季节。因此就把此日增加了一个内容,那就是它应该是一个浪漫的日子。最早的情人节礼物是奥尔良公爵查理斯伦敦塔狱中写给他妻子的诗。因为他在Agincourt战役中被俘虏了。现在这个写于1415年的祝福被收藏在伦敦的大英博物馆。几年以后,英皇亨利五世雇John Lydgate写了一首曲子给Catherine of Valois作为情人节礼物。


  • 情人节的晚餐约会通常代表了情侣关系的发展关键。
  • 各国家(地区)文化:
  • 美国:男性在这一天向他的女性朋友说“情人节快乐”已经没有特别的感情关系,而逐渐演变为有如公开场合的打招呼的形式。但男性较少在公开场合对另一位男性如此打招呼。
  • 英国:从17世纪开始,情人节变得普遍。
  • 日本:女性送巧克力给她喜欢的男性,而男性则在一个月后的白色情人节ホワイトデー,White Day)回礼表衷肠,这是日本商人于1965年炒作的结果。
  • 中国:改革开放后,随着商业炒作的发展,不少年轻男女也开始庆祝这个节日。由于对“情人”一词的不同理解(在汉语中,“情人”有时包含“情妇”、“情夫”、即合法婚姻以外的男女关系的意味),遭到很多非议,另一方面,由于担心西方传统节日不断涌入中国文化,冲淡了对传统节日的庆祝,这一节日经常遭到保守人士的反对和抵制。直到现在,每年的这一时候,仍在媒体上有着类似评论。传统人士一直希望从根本上用七夕节取代情人节。
    • 香港:受到西方文化长期影响下,庆祝情人节已有多年历史。男女会互赠礼物,男送女的标准礼物通常是鲜巧克力首饰等,女送男的一般是手表领带等男士服饰用品,并且常会到餐厅享用烛光晚餐
    • 澳门:在情人节日,男送女鲜花,女则会送给男朱古力(巧克力)。男女情侣都非常重视这天的节日。
  • 台湾:也庆祝这个节日,未有交往对象年轻男女常在这天向心上人告白,情侣亦会特别在这天约会。


  • 美国在1980年代钻石商开始针对情人节做首饰的促销活动,使得情人节的礼物类型由巧克力和鲜花两大类中,又多了首饰珠宝这一类。


由于商人的推波助澜,某些男性会倾尽多月积蓄,购买比平日昂贵数倍的玫瑰花、名贵如Louis VuittonGucci[1]系列的手提包以及等赠予女伴、邀请女伴享用比平日昂贵的情人节晚餐等讨女伴欢心,其严重商业化的现象引起不少文化人士批评。日本商人更制造“白色情人节”,令情人节的商业化意味更深。这些商业化现象令情人失去了表达心意的原意,变成以消费为主题的“贺卡节日”。此外,这种商业化现象亦使得一些人以金钱来衡量爱情,令爱情变质。