Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MBO cinema

oh yeah....MBO cinema is going to open on June at The Spring. i think most of the ppl knw liao rite? MBO at kuching is the largest cinema in malaysia. wow....quite excited rite? 1 ticket its cost RM10, if compare wif star cineplex which 1 do u prefer? well....tis is ur own decision. ^^ i tink tis time MBO wun let me down d, i believed MBO cinema have perfect facilities, environment is clean n comfortable, sound effect is damn good...

oh ya, i wan to warning somebody who not put silent ur hp inside cineplex and somemore talking n laugh loudly. Pls behave urself thx !!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


很好找停车位。 ^^

Friday, March 27, 2009


我的旧小黑Nokia 7610很不幸得掉入马桶!
很可怜!!所以,dear就借给我用他的SE k750i
又要存够钱, 又要便宜还要相机够好,什麽都要好。。
真是服了我自己! 哈哈~
忘了跟你介绍新小黑的真正名字叫SE C902
哈哈~ 得赶紧买个外套给它穿了,这样就不容易刮伤了! 嘻嘻~

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


今天早上11点半, 我到外婆家载了外婆后,就前往医院轮班照顾三姨。 回想起来,她已经住院1个星期多了。我到了医院却找不到车位,于是我打点话给外公叫他把车位让给我,因为他也是要出去载我表弟妹放学了。到了病房,我把外婆煮的粥盛上给三姨吃,没想到她胃口还不错全都吃完了! 之后就帮她拿尿盆,抹身,倒水。。。等等。在医院里有很多医生,护士和病人。有的在照顾逐渐康复的病人,有的在伤心,在角落边哭泣,因为她们的家人伤势很严重,真叫人心酸。唉。。我希望我三姨可以跟癌症对抗。我相信是可以的,因为人家说第一期是可以医的。最后我想对她说“ 加油哦!我还想喝你的喜酒呢!嘻嘻~”

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tulan Burger stall

paiseh my hp camera nt tat clear as digital camera~ Bun wif pork meat and 1 piece of cucumber/tomato and little bit of sauce as u can from the pic~ 'very thick ho?'

it will like tis if open it to see~~ guess how much is tis? its is RM2.5. I can get better burger at burger times. Burger times juz sell RM2.4 for chicken burger, still put a lot of many kind of sauce and i can smell it from far far away kok! herh!
i bought it from Jalan song, Pork burger stall....
== i was very dissapointed lo~ i guess the tauke of tat stall is changed to another place...i tink he should come back....if nt his stall is going to GAME OVER!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Internal of Hilton restaurant~~do u see tat?? alot of food ho? hungry liao~~


er....forgot wat is tis le...but nice ooo~~ ^^

lolz....finished by me~~ me really can eat alot~

dear's plate got wat? salad(he did himself),meat and seafood~


Colourful fruits~~
The most delicious dessert from there is CHOCOLATE TART~ i can finish it whole plate ooo~~ =xlastly, i cnt finish my ice cream, bcos i eat alot alrdy....still hv alot of food tat i ate i didn take pic....bcos busy eating hahahaha~~

Tis afternoon i went to Hilton to have my buffet lunch~ its was my 1st time.OH YEAH~~ I was very excited!!! bobian....me is stk (sua teng ka)lolz... i went wif my bf and his family. We hv offered price, tat is 1 person RM21++ means Rm22 gua...lolz...Bf 's parent oso gathering wif their friends thr..^^ hmmm~ When i walk in....there is alot of nice foods, like western foods, Asian foods, Japanese foods, Malay foods, bread and so on~~ The most attract me is they dessert~~ OMG~~ so many dessert~~ make me wan drop my saliva le~~ haha~~ i reached thr around 12.30pm and i leave thr around 2.30pm lo~~ ^^ i eat alot from thr, too full liao....even dinner oso cnt eat ki~ =p

Friday, March 20, 2009

Isabella's Cafe

Tonite, i hang out wif my classmate at Isabella's Cafe which is somewhere at 4mile and opposite Day Dream~

Isabella's cafe menu ~

peppermint sprite, orange sprite and ribenna sprite. Each cost RM3.2 only~~

Fish meat roll~ RM4.80 (if i hv nt mistake)

French Fries, Rm5.00. it was very nice....tats y so fast finished~ haha~

Environment of Isabella~ there give the romantic feeling, suitable for gathering or couples dating. hehe~~ tonite full of ppl..and tis is my 1st time come oh~ hope i can come again~ ^^

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear's 19 yrs old birthday (part 2)

Rojak ayam RM4.50. hmm.....i nvr eat rojak ayam b4, tis is my 1st time. juz like curry ayam and mixed wif cucumber , egg and etc....a very special food for me ^^

yeah~~ i like Iglool~

Tiramisu chocolate cake~ RM 8.80. nice oo~~ we eat so fast bcos too nice liao~~ yummy~~

Guava fruit ice~ its for free if using privilege book coupon~ hehe ^^

The doraemon puzzle tat i give my dear. its used 2 or 3 days to finish it~ hehe~
Present from friends and me oso ^^ cute ma?
Yesterday is dear's birthday( real date liao....lolz..) , i woke up at 11 sumting. we went to watch movie and eat MCD wif him. after tat go home le. i go eat wif his family at evening den we still go see parade in front of cat patung. then go yam cha wif friends...the picture above is wat he received and wat we did for tat day ^^....

Random Pictures

Fried fish, when u order anything from them, they will give u~

Tis is my breakfast~RM5
lolz....i went breakfast wif dear at Sekama.
The shop is in corner...u can see thr is a lot of ppl....there is it~
last time i went thr dnt hv sitting place for us, bcos full liao mah~~
so lucky 2day we hv sitting place le~ hehe~

呵仔煎Rm10 at Jalan Song.(at tao yuan beside satay stall)
nice oh! must try ya! ^^

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The internal of 台北101. dnt misunderstand, there is at RH PLAZA, but not at Taiwan. ^^

猪排饭 RM6.00, 外脆又可口!好吃!这可是Dear点的。

牛肉面RM6.00。 这就是我点的, 汤头有点辣辣的,有几次都被呛到了~ 不过,还蛮好吃的哦!

咸酥鸡 RM5. 就是咸,脆 和香的味道咯~ 不凡去试试看吧!

辣椒油。 看起来很辣。。不会吃辣的人,可别试哦~

哈蜜瓜奶茶 RM3.80 ,好喝!^^

Dear's 19 yrs old birthday (part 1 )

Yuan wei steamboat at RH Plaza. Adult = RM18, Children below 11yrs old = RM? (forgot ki paiseh) not include water.

yeah....start to bbq n eat~~ yummy~~

its taste not bad, there is a lot of meat to give u to choose, like chicken, lamb and beef. vege and seafood.....bsides tat, still hv ice cream..hmmm....yummy yummy....

fried egg~

dear's doraemon cake. bcos he likes doraemon so bel decided buy tis cake for him....hehe thx~

use mouth to take off candle~

how the cake taste?? nice??
Acually , my dear birhday is on 18/3 wednesday, but we celebrate early wif collegemates lo~ ^^
tis is the suprise i give him, but still hv another surprise...i cnt say it nw...haha~ bluek~ however tis surprise is nt enuf surprise bcos he read my msg(herh! so rude de bo), so ...he knw all the ting ki~ so bad~ anyways, i hope my 2nd surprise wun let him knw~ wahaha~

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mister Bean

Internal of Mister Bean , where is at Petanak.

cute and colourful ceiling light~

Bamboo Chicken which is ordered by my dear~ its taste nt bad~ it cost RM5 wif a plate of rice~

Singapore Fried Mee which is ordered by me...er...still ok lo....a bit spicy for me~ it cost RM4.
i like tis place, bcos its clean, comfortable and the prices are nt so exp~

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


lolz....y it wan go to 'bang' the wall?? 想不开~ 哈哈~

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Juz nw we went to lao lee to hv our supper. ( so fat still wan eat...really no hope le)
we go hr wif ah chung n his gf lo....hmm....lets see wat we ordered~ lolz~

Stingray is cost Rm 10. so... 1oo gram = RM3. its taste nt bad...nt tat spicy~

Dear Jun and Ah chung~

hahaha...look at her. what she doin thr? she is trying to tear off the skin of the coconut.....=='' ply till nth to ply liao.....*pengsan*

He oso wan folo ppl to tear off the coconut skin....but he is faster than her....lolz....the coconut so kolian...give ppl eat their meat, juice and still nid tear their skin....lolz~ Btw, the coconut only cost RM2 is cheaper than Jln Song.

tadah~ new out look of coconut. lolz...the coconut is without outer skin~ buatan Jun

Last 1 is Fried Sotong. order from my form 4 & 5 classmate. its cost RM4. not bad.....^^
yea....tats all for 2nite....
hv to start study liao lo...
nex tue n wed hav final exam~
good luck to my dear friends ^^