Thursday, July 22, 2010

End of the semester

finally end of tis semester!!! haha!!
really excited!!
and finally i have finish my final exam!!
but, i didn did well tis time...
due to tat ' good' lecturer!
he really too ' good' to me!! thanks alot!
hope i wun see u in nex sem lor!
and i wun forget him forever!! he is too 'nice' and 'perfect'!!!
i hope i wun fail for my Building Quantities 2 and CE Construction quantities 2!
i shud forget all abt tis and enjoy my holidays!!
oh ya...i still have badminton competition 2moro...
haha...i didn prepare anyting for tis competition.
seem like i didn respect for tis competition at all..
bcos i knw the result dy...
so ...2moro juz enjoy for it....
wish me good luck ^^

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Final exam

i will sit for my exam 2moro...
its going make me panic...
3 subjects test it in a row for tis week!
!@#$% oh my god!! i hvnt finish study my theory subject!!!
haiz....good luck for my finals and dnt be careless again n AGAIN!!
juz a simple post....
good night...=(

Saturday, July 3, 2010


today is friday! a wonderful friday!!
i think i cn sleep well start from tonite until nex week~~
finally i finished everything in tis sem...
done 4 assignments, 1 test and 1 presentation within a week!! cool man!!
finally~~~*touching* hahahaha
im very very very tired till cnt fall asleep every nite~~
nex day go col wif panda eyes!! haiz~~
juz nw my bro saw me and tell me tat i look old!
omg! i look old? so serious meh?
i think i nid slp least B4 12 or 1am...=x


oh ya...i have 10/11 hamsters(cnt remember i got how many)
i thinking wan to sell them out or not...
bcos i dnt hv time to take care them ady~~~
haiz....really so busy for this yr...
i nid help them wash their cage, seems that i have 3 cage...
nid alot of time for tat arh!! haiz~~~
tired and lazy alrdy =x

another thing is i miss my dad now...
is him coming back for tis weekend?
i tink no lo...seems 2moro is saturday ady...
my water closet was broken ...
nobody knw how to fix it~~~
haiz....i dnt hv toilet to use le, hv to go downstair or mum's room ~~
hope my dad will coming back on nex week le~~~
and hope he cn take care himself~~
thats all for today~~
good nite to everyone