Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I miss you~~

see her teeth~~ in front(upper part) only gt 2 nia...lolz

my cute ah joo(cousin) cute or not? She is 6yrs old.i miss her so much nw~~ she is cute oo~~ but sometime very annoying~ cos she like to ask a lot of question. arh~~ i dnt knw how to ans~sometimes, she is very keipo. ppl say wat ...she oso wan to say~ i stay wif her abt half yr. she will come my house everyday after sch, go home at nite when his dad finish work. sometime she oso stay over nite at my house. now,her mum had recover alrdy, so she didnt come my house everyday liao~ sad sad~~

i remember that during exam period. she has to test BM,ENG,BC & MATH.
she will learn herself but only math, she dnt wan to learn. cos she very poor in math.
so i decided to teach her...den i create questions let her do..almost salah liao. alamak....very angry lo~ i still teach her how~ at last BM,ENG and BC get 90 sumting, den math get 50 sumting. arh...kek tiok~ ki si wa lo~

Few mths ago, her mun had an accident. when her mum come my house to fetch her. wa...she quickly hug her mum and say wo ai ni~ lolz ~~ gan dung lol~~ she is a very understanding gal. she knw tat her mum is sick. so, she will be guai. i remember when she 1st time go to sch , she didn cry wow.....her teacher still tell us tat she keipo go to comfort other children....= =''

i wish tat she can grow up faster, so tat she can take care her mum. bsides that, da jie(me) n yan jun koko will miss u de~~

Sunday, September 28, 2008

One Dae Travel tu Dear's house De'Tabuan

dora's poster~~ wow...
lolz....1984...i not born yet~~
old comic.....
doraemon cards
doraemon towel~
doraemon magnet
doraemon cards n shoe box
doraemon spoon~~yum~yum~~
doraemon~~ the eyes can turn de oo~~ sat leh? hehe
doraemon bag...its turn a little bit yellow liao~~
finally, i found a lamp on the wall....(dear's computer room)
haha~~ tis 1 sat leh? dora's head. bought from dear'mum~ can make kuih oo~~ den got dora kuih liao...
let's see still got doraemon or nt ~~ ah hah! i found tis beside television~ its a small cup~
can u see a dora thr?

hehe~~ tis 1 i bought for dear from hock lee centre....last 1 liao ~~love eyes~~

doraemon jean
doraemon jean oso~~

u can found tis in his car.....lolz~ doraemon in car~ lolz.....cos he tink tat he is doraemon...
key chain( dora wif his lover)
handphone (diao shi) Doraemon
small Thing inside(Doraemon)
haha OLD music toy from the 80'S at dear's house
Nice jean with Doraemon HEAD!
Doraemon's figure frm Ice Cream
Doraemon toys at dear's comp room
Hong Leong Bank tabung
Yet Another tabung of Doraemon
Defected Doraemon stick on door of Dear's room's Door
A sticker from Dumex in the late 90's
Doraemon's keychain frm the sPrIng
A set of stationery bought from dear's dad
A container with i found above the book shelf
Doraemon (diao shi)
Ah Hah!found in QKV 2407!!Its a wedding Doraemon in pair.Cute?
Doraemon's "tabung" on DVD player cute ma?
Yet again one more "anak patung" in 2407(bought from China)
THis is what i gift to Dear on his birthday
A Mug Is inside the house(only one in Kuching)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

1st time bake muffin

wow~~ nice ? hehe~~ 1st time bake for my dearest friend, fiona as her birthday present...hope u like to eat~~ the recipe i get from dear's mum. aunty..thx ya~~ ^^

ah dear group doing fieldwork~~

ee~~~ ah ben smile wif leng lui~~

check the burble~~
ok...ben , wat is the reading?

wat are u looking at? y u standing here? faster help them liao~~
ahem~~ahem~~ are u looking at galz?
dear look so gal holding auto lvl box~~ hahaha~~ dnt ply ply ar~~the auto lvl cost 1 kancil ar...(acually few thousand only la~~ haha)

lolz.....its going to finish~~
y ur face like tat? ~~~

too boring~~ i go to take tis pic~~
Harley davidson
parking in front of crown tower door~~ lolz~~ i really feel wan to sit ~~