Thursday, January 27, 2011


last week i went to Kl and genting with my friends
its was very very fun!! hahaha....nice trip for me ~~!/album.php?id=872870342&aid=613268
i couldnt explain everything here, photo will show u everything
but there is no pictures for genting outdoor
because i put my camera n wallet in my room ==
besides that, me and my friends were just wear short sleeve and short pant!!!
its was very very cold when wind blowing us =='' stupid lo..
everyone is looking at me complaining cold!! nvm....act as im suai pa lao..lolz
i will upload the pictures here when im free ya...sorry lo

another thing is i gonna to leave soon TT
sad ar~~ i think i will miss my home very very much!!!
haiz...just try dnt think too much ba!!
Chinese new year coming soon!! left 6 days only!!
omg! i hvnt get my new shoe...haiz
i shop for many days still couldnt get a pair!
today i bought 2 clothes and 1 dress at spring...
hiak hiak hiak!! i still left shoe and cosmetic stuff lo..
and im finding PENCIL CASE NOW!!
i wan big big 1 in order to put my calculator..
hope tomorrow can find it...
oh ya oh ya!! today i go shopping alone o!!
he wants follow me but i refuse because he always ask me dnt buy! dnt buy! ==
and yet i didnt buy anything den go home!
i dnt wan this happen i ask him dnt follow...hahaha!
hope everyone new year have new hope!! hahaha really translate from mandrin


HocanLai said...

dress?! haha... take photo with the dress during cny and upload let us see xD

Junoey said...

wapeh hocan!! u nvr see my wear dress?? ki si lang!!