Sunday, March 6, 2011

hey world!! i still alive!

hey people!
i still alive!! hahaha
i was reached KL on last month of 19 night
no internet at my condo..
so i cnt online until the streamyx has fixed!! haiz!
i only can use digi internet to connect with my laptop
so tat i can online now until 2moro 12am... Uni life has been started...
everydays got class except saturday and sunday
everyday have to rush for bus so tat we wun be late to class ==''
i stay with my bf and few friends too
they are too funny and i feel nice to stay with them =)
the foods here was too expensive if compared with Kuching's
i start to miss laksa, kueh chap, chap kueh and kolo mee dy..
and i really miss my home liao...=(

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mikhaelkueh said...

I wish I could go somewhere else to study for at least a year or so. It's an interesting adventure. All the best with your UNILIFE. Keep in touch oaky.